I got up at 8am this morning and I apologise that these summer blog entries may be boring because I don’t seem to do anything. Oh well I could get up and do a song and dance each morning but no. I appreciate those who read this though and believe me I am looking forward to September, partly because I get my Beth back but mainly because Uni is more interesting (Horsham types argue below).

Anyway when I eventually went downstairs I found a cheque from Southlands College Chapel for the expenses I incurred during the great week I had with the Irish types. It was £25 so thats nice of them. I spent time playing fifa and then paid $2 to the 1 second film which I found through myspace. The idea is they make a 1sec long animation and then people pay to have their name as producers in the credits. The money raised will go to charity. I don’t really care about that bit, what I care about is the bit that says I will get myself in the internet movie database. That is one of my life ambitions sorted right there and it cost me $2, I will link to me when I am added.

I had lunch and then went into the loft and watched The Constant Gardner which I had had reccomended to me by many people but I wasn’t its biggest fan. It was good but not great. I went downstairs after the film and found that Phoebe had been sick… a lot. I cleared it up pretty well but left it for my mother when she came home from work. I went out of the house after my efforts and posted the film back to Screenselect. I also had Harry Potter with me so I headed into the park and read for an hour before heading home. At 6:30 I had my pizza dinner and then ended up in my room working on the talote website trying to work on a way for people to leave comments on my film reviews and news. Beth came online so I stopped with Talote and started with her before I eventually ended up in bed asleep.