Ways to Cheer up a Grumpy Boy

(A guide for Girlfriends, though useful for Mothers and Sisters as well)
When your boy is pouting over his computer and giving monosyllabic responses to questions, you know he’s gotten himself into a mood. The best way to cure this ailment (painful as it is for both your boy and you) is to either distract or feed him. Here are some practical ways you can turn your boy’s frowns and furrowed brows into grins and giggles:
– Feed him pies, curries, cheesecake and diet coke
– Make silly cooing noises at him, including “hmmmm,” “ooooh” and “neem neem neem.”
– Talk about the big house he’ll have when he grows up and gets rich. Get him to talk about its racetrack and library and cinema.
– Do a mad lib and make him laugh.
– Give him something obscure to google.
– Get him to talk about a film, especially one he doesn’t like. Grumpiness easily turns to annoyance, and when directed at something it can’t harm, like a film, usually evaporates.
– take him out for a walk. To quote an annoying film, “exercise produces endorphins, and endorphins make people happy.”
– tell him you have a secret, or a present, and he can’t know what it is. Proceed to give him hints and clues.
– be more mopey and capricious than him and call on him to cheer YOU up.