The Wii has arrived

The Nintendo Wii is with us. When I last wrote to try and persuade people to get the thing it was a little bit of an outsider which could have come third in the race. Now however I truly think it can win the console war this time. Nintendo’s latest offering does not pack the punch of the competition in terms of graphics but it is not in this that it tries to excel. The gameplay on this system is just what anyone could ask for, if you are not a geeky fool who wants the best graphics then this is your system.

I was in Virgin yesterday and got a chance to play Wii Sports with Beth, after the initial ten seconds of worrying about making a fool of myself I started to enjoy it. This game in itself is the best thing I’ve ever played. For people wanting fun and not geeky numbers this is the console. The Wiimote is so accurate and can be used for such a varied range of movements that it is great fun. The worlds press have played and loved this system and I think it will be great for those usually not too great at game or who have never been into them. The Wii has the ability to be the ultimate party console and yet also have serious games too.

The problem that the Gamecube (the previous console, you may not remember it anymore) had was that too few people bought it, I remember a week after release waltzing into my local game and just picking one off the shelves and taking it home (there was some money transferred as well). This cannot happen with the Wii because the initial stock (and there are lots of them) has sold out. The Wii is turning the heads of game developers everywhere and with the sales it is getting will soon get a multiude of games on it. The PS3 launch in America was a bit of a flop with shop managers mentioning they get 20 calls for the Wii for every 1 about the PS3 (the same is true of the DS vs PSP). Seriously if you want graphics take an Xbox 360 and then a Wii for the fun part of the equation both together cost around the same as a PS3. Sony have shot themselves in the foot and lots of other places in their body at the moment.

Basically my one line pitch would be: If you want to have fun then get a Wii

Ninty said the name Wii was to make it sound like it was inclusive of everyone that is exactly what they have done. This is the next gen console. The press agree and I think if you play it you will as well (I know after 15mins of Wii Sports I am sold)

As I post this the console is to be released in 15mins!!! There are also 3 normal entries below this!