Virginia Shootings

Independent article

American’s need to stop trying to build up the illusion of security, we see it when we try to get into the country. Especially if you happen to be in Mexico and trying to get across the border.

When will the country wake up to the fact that to have security they need to rid themselves of the 2nd amendment. While other countries like Canada get away with very few gun deaths a year there is something about the American mentality that racks up 11,000 gun deaths a year with 30 of those happening in a school environment. guns are something that really should not be a part of American’s lives. By all means allow the police to carry them, oh and the armed forces (it helps) but there needs to be an amnesty on American gun usage otherwise this will just keep on happening. Until this happens I would not debate a life in America.

My thoughts are with the victims and their families.