The end of English Society

I do not believe that celebrity-turned-white-trash Britney Spears expected this to happen when she decided to show off her lady bits whilst leaving a car last November. The drug addict probably used
it as a publicity stunt. Since then, however, it has become the in thing for British women who think they are famous to do. The front cover of the magazine Heat this week proclaims, “stars leave without pants” or some such nonsense with four pictures of women who no-one has ever heard of. These people are not stars; our culture makes them think they are and glorifies them, but they are not.

As a nation we used to glorify our soldiers, our noblemen and our royalty. Now we think the soldiers should get out of Iraq, our lower class is taking over and the royalty can be forgotten. This turnaround to me signals an end to civilised British Society, and it was brought in by Big Brother. If Big Brother and the other Reality TV shows had not arrived and begun making celebrities from nobodies then we would not have the current situation. We should be glorifying people who have earnt it like god, historical figures, hard working actors and musicians, sports men and women who actually win things instead of these poor excuses. Heat and other magazines of a similar disposition would not exist, people would spend their money more wisely than on some dappy prostitute (selling her body for fame) who has done nothing significant in her whole life. We know Britain has Chavs, but our society has encouraged rather than disparage their growth: doing drugs is cool because Kate Moss and others do them. Wearing Burberry and beating up old people is cool because then you get an ASBO and can show it to all of your friends. Failing at school is also a good laugh as it means you can leach off the government. While other countries may not be perfect they do not idolise complete dolts and unknowns to the extent that we do and it is destroying British Society. It is the job of parents to keep their children in line and the job of TV stations to stop showing this pap that makes us worship the falsest idol possible (Jade Goody). We do not need these Big Brother fools, these pop idols who cannot sing. We do not need IT girls who are famous just because they are (Jordan). We need to seriously look at our position as a nation, which used to be a super power and is now just plain embarrassing. Our celebs are not setting a good example as role models to thousands of young girls by going out without knickers. If you want to lower the number of teen pregnancies then this is not a good way to start. We have heard recently that our prisons are over crowded, does this not show the society that England has become? I love this country, I love its countryside and its history and I do not want to sit back while it gets destroyed by those who used to be neglected for being lower class getting out of cars with no knickers on and getting into magazines for it. Big Brother needs a new rule: if you get evicted you get deported.