The Inconvenience of convenience

Was online last night looking to get tickets to see Weird Al Yankovic in Denver in the summer. I got near the end of the billing screen of and found they added on a number of extra fees. The tickets themselves were a decent $25 each but then they added on a $10 convenience charge, a $5 stadium charge a $5 handling fee $4 postage fee and tax. Thus effectively bumps the tickets up to $48 each which is a price I can’t be bothered to pay. Surely the idea of the ticket price is partly to pay for the venue so why the extra charge? Also how is paying $10 extra in any way convenient? Is this extra charge to make it convenient for people who can be bothered to pay double the ticket price because there will be less of them. I struggle to see a single way in which this charge is convenient for me. Now I figure would have been a good time to tell you all the little extra taxes that have to be paid to get me into America this summer but I can’t remember most of them. There was a plant tax, a security tax, a post 9/11 tax but these are but a quarter of the silly things they had made up to charge for.

These charges are not convenient stop charging more money than you need to. Oh and I haven’t even mentioned the ticket shops online selling these weird al tickets online for $905… its unlikely for anyone to be this desperate to see weird al yankovic.