Global Warming

Now this may seem bad and it is. However, we need to take into account that Americans are starting to come around when it comes to carbon emissions. More and more are buying energy saving products and hybrid cars and so their own emissions are slowly but surely going to fall. It also has 301,139,947 as a population… you have to believe this figure as it was apparently posted by a CIA agent from the future (July 2007 est.). The article also says they emit 5,910 millions tonnes which I shouldn’t need to tell you is 19.7 tonnes per American in a year.

China on the other hand has 1,321,851,888 people which is over four times the population of the United States. With their new carbon emissions of 6,020 million tonnes this is only 4.6 tonnes per person. Now I realise that the increase in their emissions is sharp but for China to get to a decent level of economy they must increase their emissions. The worry though is the speed with which this is happening. They are going to need to cap off their emissions soon. If they do not do so by 2010 then it will probably be too late. I reckon that the American emissions will start to drop by the end of 2008 so that they reach around 15 tonnes per person. They will still however be behind the UK total our 60,776,238 with their 550 million tonnes are reaching a total of 9. If all the countries of the world could reach a point where carbon emissions are topped at 5 tonnes per person per year then I think we will be on the right track.