How Yahoo and the NFL rip off foreign fans

Last season Yahoo introduced a new system whereby people outside of the US and Canada could pay a fee to watch all NFL games online. The prices were as follows:
$280 blags you all the games in the league, about 15 a week.
$25 gets you every game on a given week (ie about 15).

This is all well and good and was pretty good value for what you were getting. This season Yahoo has added to its package the ability to get every game from a single team during the regular season.
This option costs $199.99.
Considering each team plays only 16 games in the regular season and you can get 15 games a week for just $25 a week this seems to me a bit of a rip off. Even more so when you realise the season pass gets you 250 games.
Team per game – $12.50
Week per game – $1.67
Season per game – $1.12

Now while I realise that you would not be able to watch all 250 games as there are not enough hours in a week (if you have a life) it is still easy to see how much of a ripoff the team subscription is. If Yahoo charged me double the price of a normal week subscription to see every broncos game I would pay it. I will not however pay 8 times as much to see my team every week, especially as I would be sacrificing the chance to see any other exciting games that happened to be on. Yahoo if you halve the price I will consider it but currently it is ridiculous.