My poor jinxed sports stars

I woke up at a fairly normal 6:30 this morning and watched the Chinese Grand Prix which was pretty good with Hamilton romping away in the lead until a daft decision on his part left the world championship wide open into the final race. I believe this to be his second rookie mistake of the season and both times it has been down to tyres. At the Nurburghring Lewis came in too early for dry tyres and it left him a lap down and only able to get 9th place in this race. This time around he wore his tyres down too much losing 10secs a lap to his fastest race lap and stayed out for 2 laps longer than he should have on these tyres before coming in too hot and beaching the car at the entrance to the pitlane a completely stupid decision not to bring him in earlier for the dry tyres he sorely needed.
Oh well its not like I am bitter or anything but Lewis threw the title away and if he loses in Brazil it will be down to this decision.At 10:30 I went to the service at Putney Methodist church and then went out for a meal with Allison, Demelza and Anna. We had good conversations and we finished just in time for me to go to work. I was glad that the club shop had decided to only open two hours before the game today as it made the time before the game that bit more barable. In the first half Fulham played slightly better than Portsmouth but two quick goals by Portsmouth at the start of the second half really killed Fulham’s attack and that was the game over. It was utterly frustrating.
I was able to get home from work at about 8 and I have bought Yahoo’s NFL Game Pass for this weeks games and so I started with New Orleans losing to Carolina (another of my teams losing). I then got to watch my Denver Broncos get thoroughly destroyed by the San Diego Chargers 41-3 which drove me insane because our offense wasn’t actually that bad our defense and special teams just majorly let the side down. Apparently it was Denver’s biggest loss at home in 41yrs great.
During the frustration at Denver I started putting video on my machine to edit a video for chapel… more on that tomorrow.