documentary update

Beth told me to do this on Sunday but I have been surprisingly busy since then (and a bit of laziness also).
Anyway we are now not in crisis and are to film a guy in Beth’s workplace after Beth sorted it out for me, as she rocks. We have now (as of today) also got him on film. Still if anyone has ideas of other immigration stories then please comment.
I have put a couple more blogs up tonight, they are coming just be a little patient (prob no time tomorrow or friday though and may be working all weekend). Lastly thanks Craig for the link on the quote of the day, I may make it more inconspicuous but it is useful.

  • Unfortunately I’m not commenting about ideas for films, as lets face it, I’m not much use there. Although congrats on getting it all sorted (although I think I’ve already said that… meh)

    I am however not too bad with the whole code side of things, and I’ve now fixed the quotes to look all pretty. I have also worked out a very neat trick on wordpress to do with the functionality of the very hacked menu you use. Will show you, might come in handy again.

  • Fran

    She cooks! She works! She chats empathetically with immigrants about Vogons and solves The Probelms Of The World! Super Beth!