End of Year List – Games

This is the first of three lists I am compiling for the end of the year, the first is most likely to be the most boring for everyone but I am doing it anyway. I am making my list of the top five computer games of this year. On Wednesday I will be doing my review of the year in top five experiences form (incl America, getting engaged etc). I will then be rounding this off (probably on Friday) with my top five films of this year.

5. The Godfather: Blackhand edition (Wii) – This game made me properly appreciate the films in all their splendour, a proper open world was portrayed in 1930’s New York and the control system was amazing. This was easily the equal of a GTA game, nothing hindered my enjoyment of this brilliant game.

4. Metroid Prime 3: Corruption (Wii) – Prime 3 was the game most people we excited about when the wii was announced what with the proper aiming abilities afforded by the console. While not perfect the game is superb and I really enjoyed what I have had the chance to play so far. The puzzles are occaisionally stupidly tricky but I do not think this is a real complaint. Held my attention far better than the previous two did.

3. Race Driver: Create and Race (DS) – I was looking forward to this game from the day it was announced and it didn’t let me down. The ability to create and race on your own tracks has always been a dream for me and this game made it a reality. The fact that Craig is so bad at it is but a bonus. The handling and graphics are brilliant for a racing game on a handheld system and I really have no complaints with this game except on the repetitiveness front.

2. Bioshock (PC) – Bioshock will probably be most peoples game of the year and I am glad I took a chance and bought it when I got back from America. The physics engine is superb what with the special abilities called Plasmids as well to make the game more enjoyable. Possibly the best shooter I have ever played with an immersive story as well. The game is maybe a little short but replay value is high.

1. Super Mario Galaxy (Wii) – Everyone loves Mario, except me. I have never been able to get into a Mario game before, I can play them but they never have the appeal to keep me what with their weak stories and samey gameplay. Finally this has all changed, Mario Galaxy is my game of the year because of the way it plays with gravity and physics. You have the run of full galaxies with fluctuating gravity levels and this is brilliant fun. If you have a wii then you must have this game it is the game that makes me like Mario.

So there are my top five games with a short explanation of why I enjoyed each so much. There are many more games I wish to have played – Call of Duty 4 being the main one – but I have yet to buy a new harddrive to allow me to buy the game for PC but for me this has been a top year of gaming and I can see next year being even better for Wii even with three of the top series already having been released.