Merry Christmas

I am sure that today I will get Craig’s usual comment about how I should be writing about Christmas Day on the 25th of December. As usual I say tough, this is the third Christmas I have been writing my blog and on any given day I write about the previous one, it would make little sense for me to sit down now and write what I am going to do this afternoon. Anyway seeing as you are reading about my Christmas Eve on Christmas Day or later MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone especially those who I will not see in this holiday period.
I started off Christmas Eve by watching a recording of this years Race of Champions which I had wanted to attend but I left it too late to buy tickets mainly down to my friends indecision on wanting to go. At lunchtime I went into town and ate in Waterstones with the rest of my family. I also got to go games shopping with my dad and was amazed by the size of the queue in HMV which went along two walls of the shop and must have been about 30mins long… fun. I also got to see Paddy at work for the first time, I say at work in a loose sense as they had all the staff in but uncharacteristically no customers while all other shops were full. I guess no-one has a phone high on their christmas lists this year.
After lunch I decided to stay in town and I quickly ran out of things to do, I checked the HMV queue a few times, watched some people on bumper cars and helped Doug do something in the Centre but I had two and a half hours to kill and eventually just sat in the Centre and read about the Powell expedition down the Grand Canyon and also talked to Doug. This passed the required time and so I headed off to church for the Christingal service. In my childhood the half an hour that this service inhabits seemed to go on for ages but today it flew by and I greatly enjoyed what is meant to be a childrens service but for me is part of my christmas buildup.
After the service I talked to a few people and then headed for HMV again, I bought It’s a Wonderful Life for Beth and I and also Guitar Hero 3 for Wii for a very low £49.50, it usually retails for around £69 but HMV had a copy priced wrongly in the window and so I exploited this for my advantage. When I got home I went straight out again to visit Nanna who is recovering from a stomach thing. On returning from Nanna’s I went and tried out guitar hero and was rubbish as I was a) holding the guitar upside down and so unable to match the colours and b) didn’t realise you had to strum it as opposed to just pressing the buttons on the top of the guitar. I continued being a little rubbish until dinner time and then I gave up for the evening. Brilliant fun but very hard with a steep learning curve, I look forward to playing more of it.
After dinner I sat down with my family and watched Its a Wonderful Life as my mother had never seen it before. She really enjoyed it and I thought it was brilliant the second time around as well. A truly brilliant film. I got an early night after the film so Santa who goes to bed increasingly early could visit.