End of Year List – My Year

On Monday I put up a list of my top 5 games of the year (I almost wish I held back now as Guitar Hero is very cool), this list comprises my top experiences of the year. I figure this has probably been the most important year of my life so far, I have achieved a lot, spent time with some wonderful people and had a really good time.
5. Les Miserables with Beth
I have always loved Les Mis, it is easily the best musical around and it was great to take Beth there for valentines day last year. We had a lovely evening which began with a Chinese and ended with a terrific show. The front row seats we had were just the icing on the cake.

4. NFL Wembley
Its not every day that the NFL comes to England (in fact its never happened until now in the regular season) so I was very happy to have been one of the lucky 80,000 to fill Wembley stadium on a wet November day to see New York Giants and Miami Dolphins face off. The game may not have been that good because of the weather but the atmosphere made it incredible.

3. Wales
We watched a program of Britains best views and the Gower was on there. Having now been there myself I can attest to it being spectacular and I really enjoyed the family holiday we had there especially as it fell over my birthday and we took Beth.

2. America
I always said I had been to America before but lets face it a total of 8hrs stuck in LA doesn’t really count especially when confined to the airport. My first real taste of America did not disappoint. Certainly stepping off the plane and onto a road trip was not the best way to begin but the locations we visited in both Carlsbad and the Grand Canyon were wonderful and beautiful and will be memories that stick with me forever. It was also nice to get to know my future inlaws a little better as they are all very lovely people. It was also nice to sample the local cuisine, meet Beth’s friends and experience the horrors of an American mall (my sister would love it… nuff said). The fact I also got to see Weird Al Yankovic and the Denver Broncos play were just the icing on the cake. You may have to drive everywhere but the places you get to after the drives are usually pretty spectacular. Thankyou to the Blomberg’s for their brilliant hospitality, I look forward to invading again next Christmas!

1. Getting Engaged
They say the majority of married couples now meet at university and so it has proved for Beth and I. According to her diary from the first day of University I don’t strike her as the coolest kid… well I sure showed her. The day was a good one meeting up with my parents for lunch in central London, proposing by a lake and then getting to spend the evening with our friends as we neared the end of the University year. It was a lovely day and one I shall cherish as I spend my days with Beth.

As I said at the outset it has been a good year and next year should be just as exciting with a wedding, graduation (hopefully), full time employment (even more hopefully) and a great holiday to end the year!
Thank you all for reading my blog and I hope it may long continue and I may find the time to keep it going.