Christmas Day

Once again this is pretty much the same as the other Christmas Day posts I have made for the previous 2 on this blog. This is because tradition in our family dictates we always do the same thing. This means that I got up at about 7 and opened my stocking and read. Then at 8 I went into my parents room, gave Hobbit her present and my parents theirs and then went downstairs (thanks hobbit for the dvd and book). I had my shower and breakfast and then we opened the rest of our presents. At 10 we went to the Christmas Day church service where the songs are good and everyone is full of cheer. Christmas Lunch was preceeded by my parents presents and the food was brilliant as always. After food I played Helen at guitar hero and she was immediately better than I was which was very annoying. At about 4 I headed out and walked around town with my father on the way to Nanna’s where I got the rest of my presents in the company of the wider family.
On getting home I played singstar with my family, I wasn’t very good apparently my voice is too operatic for the kind of songs that came up. I also got to speak to Beth twice during this Christmas Day which was lovely. It was very nice to hear from her and I wish all of the American’s reading this a belated Merry Christmas. I went to bed relatively early at 11pm.