Valentines Day

This morning I awoke next to my Valentine and snuck out early to get her some flowers while also getting a paper. I was back by 8am but she was already up and dressed so I gave her the flowers and her card before sending her on her way. I spent the morning writing my Contemporary Hollywood essay on Independence Day and in the afternoon Mr Craig come round and I talked and played games with him for a couple of hours before going to campus and picking up my beloved for our hot date in Putney. I had booked a table at Putney Tandoori where we went on our second date a year and a half ago. It was a good curry and I really enjoyed the meal. We then headed down to Putney’s Odeon and watched Juno which was very very good. It was very charming and funny and I loved it. The acting was good and jokes were fresh and funny helped immensely by the fresh dialogue it contained. I took Beth home and then went to bed. All in all it was a very good valentines day.