This morning after Beth had headed off to work I got the train to Horsham whilst reading my book Black by Ted Dekker which is a very entertaining story about a man stuck in two worlds. One is the present (Denver oddly enough) and the other is set several million years in the future. Even weirder its a christian story with some questions about god in it, this is more than his other book three where the main character just happened to go to seminary.

When in Horsham I headed home and unpacked. I then pumped up both the tyres on the bike that Beth will be inheriting when we get married. My plan was to cycle and get a feel for the bike but this did not work out as the brakes are too tight against the wheels and the rear had a puncture. I walked it to my grandparents then and set to work with my grandfather replacing a bolt and fixing the tyre. Tomorrow will probably take a trip to Halfords and sort the brakes out as well.

At lunchtime I headed into town and met Paddy, we ate at the christian centre and talked to Doug as well. After eating I got Paddy suited for the wedding and then we headed to Tanbridge via Neil's house (to drop off an invite for the wedding). We got to Tanbridge 5mins before the bell went for the end of the day and so waited around and then headed up to the familiar history corridor. We talked to Mr Head for around an hour and a half before heading home. We discerned that he may be coming to my wedding and that he hated Indiana Jones. In other news he also wants to die in the classroom while teaching because he figures it would be entertaining. I got my money off Paddy for his trip to America and spent the rest of the evening playing games, watching Football and sleeping. The Germany vs Turkey game for the record was very entertaining fingers crossed for Russia vs Spain tomorrow.