More racing

This morning Beth and I walked to church, once again they had problems with their sound equipment after it was struck by lightning a couple of months ago. The service itself was good and was effectively their junior church anniversary service. I walked back from church on my own as Beth wanted to take the bus but when I got in I usurped her from my computer to watch the French Grand Prix which was really rather boring. For a start Lewis Hamilton had his second bad race in a row, this time getting penalised for running wide passing a car. It was perhaps a little harsh but he shouldn't have been whining about it. But other than that there wasn't really any overtaking and so Jarno Trulli got a very good podium finish for Toyota something they have not had for a while. For the rest of the afternoon I worked on the sport and game sections which should now be visible on the site. Feel free to leave me feedback on what you think of it. Beth and I ended the day by watching two episodes of Doctor Who and I must say the end of season 3 was great.