Visiting Canterbury

This morning we all got up very early to head off to Canterbury. The journey took about 90mins by car at that time of the morning and we arrived twenty minutes before church started. The service in St Peters Methodist was very good, they have a strong choir and the acoustics are amazing. Philip Barker is also a good preacher. After the service we were taken to Christine's house to drop our stuff off, she has been very kind in letting us take over her house for a few days. We then accompanied her to the church's annual picnic on the outskirts of Canterbury in grounds for the local primary school. There were a good number of people in attendance and it made a good afternoon. When we left we effectively walked the highstreet with my parents before they dropped us back off at Christine's for a lazy evening. Dinner was a lovely lasagne and I was able to watch the Euro 2008 final. A good first day in Canterbury then.