Euro 2008

So with Euro 2008 drawing to a close with the two upcoming semi-finals Germany vs Turkey and Spain vs Russia I can honestly say it hasn’t been the same for me without England in it. For me that would be like watching Championship football, there are no teams I care about so why bother?

I guess that demonstrates a general lack of love for the beautiful game on my part but I watched most of the games of the last world cup and was enthralled but I have had no interest in this tournament whatsoever, I guess not having a tv licence and not buying the newspaper made me miss the excitement of the tournament leaving me sitting at my computer just going two days later… oh they played?

For me I need England in the tournament just to get the level of fever pitch and excitement outside of my bedroom to the point where I cannot ignore it and am forced to watch the games. Harping back to the last World Cup again and it was a brilliant tournament namely the Germany vs Italy semi final its a shame this time they just have Turkey to defeat *yawn*. If I am honest though these tournaments hold excitement because outside teams stand a chance last year who would have predicted Russia or Turkey would reach the semi-finals? Who could have predicted Greece would win four years ago? Its the usual giant killing atmosphere but unfortunately this time its past me by. Luckily I will be in a house with a TV licence for the semi-finals so I may get my interest up just in time for the final but for me so far its a lost cause. Bring on the first Fulham game of the season…