The World Ends With You Review

I am not a normal fan of RPG games because they tend to just involve wandering around an (admittedly nice) large world levelling up by partaking in battles with enemies who happen to stumble upon your path. Random battles put simply annoy the hell out of me. Which is why I was very pleased to find the World Ends with You did not have random battles thus removing most of the annoyance. Instead what we have is a very well made RPG where your characters are trapped inside a game where if they fail their objective they get erased (ergo you fail). Sure the objective is basically destroying demons but the combat system makes it fun as well and levelling up is not of the utmost importance. Combat involves a lot of touch screen gestures and then the dpad to control the character on the top screen. It sounds confusing and is but you do get used to fighting two concurrent battles. The main character Neku is a bit of a Goth thus selling the game automatically to many people he is a reclusive character many would assosciate with at least in part, he wakes up stuck in this game and can’t remember how he got there. so he navigates through this well drawn out world looking for answers and being forced to complete the ever growing in difficulty challenges until he can be free again. He is helped in this quest by a companion who he has to grow to be friends with as it is not his nature.

I really enjoyed The World Ends with You, the graphics are amazing and work brilliantly with the handheld, the music is perfect for the game giving a very Japanese manga feel to it and the characterisation and dialogue are brilliant. The story is relatively shallow but it is pulled off very nicely and the combat system works. Best of all though is that the lack of random battles means this is a joy to play and a game I thoroughly enjoyed. I recommend this to DS users who don’t mind lots of talking and are good with multitasking.