Boom Blox

The wii is a system designed for companies to be innovative. This game harnesses the part of a boys mind that deals with the need to destroy stuff. The aim of the game in Boom Blox is essentially the opposite of Jenga instead of keeping the tower standing you have to tear it down as quickly as possible. Alongside the several hundred ready made puzzles to work through is a level editor with which you can create your own from scratch. This can lead to the creation of thoroughly unique puzzles or indeed your own mini games within the game. Now it has not escaped my notice that Stephen Spielberg’s name is on the box for this game. I remember hearing a couple of years ago he was going to start creating video games but I reckon we all expected him to go for something deeper than boom blox. What it demonstrates though is that Spielberg knows a fun concept when he sees one and so the story mode in this game was created by him. I will be getting Boom Blox because it looks like a lot of fun and I reccomend you to do the same. I would, however, reccomend waiting until the price is more reasonable £35 for a puzzle game? Hmm I’m waiting to find it for £25 at most but this is the kind of game that makes the wii great and if they don’t selll we will just get wii versions of Imagine Babies.