5 reasons to visit Talote once in a while:

I realise that over time my websites do not get that many visitors and this is fine because I am stubborn and I probably get more traffic than a lot of other sites solely from friends visiting.
I recommend a visit to Talote to you all once in a while now as it is somewhere near to flourishing. I will therefore give 5 reasons why you should go take a look.
1. UK film releases updated every Friday so you always know whats on.
2. A forum to discuss the latest films and other general topics
3. Multiple review writers. For the first time I have more than just myself writing on the site regularly. I am joined by an able bodied crew of myself, Beth, Cathy and occaisionally Paddy meaning there will always be multiple opinions on there. The site has never had more content in any of its guises than it has now.
4. You can see my short films. While I assume most of you have already seen them they are still there and you can leave your comments.
5. It makes me feel less of a loser…