Mario Kart wii Review

Mario Kart is one of those big Nintendo franchises that comes around once on a system and so for that reason I desperately wanted the Wii game to be good. Hopes were high thanks to a very strong DS game which is still one of my favourite games on the handheld. Now I am what is known as a simulation racing game nut. Heck I am a moderator on a Formula One game forum. I have always appreciated arcade racers though and Mario Kart on the N64 is one of my favourites. This new version is not like that though. It basically takes everything that makes Mario Kart and dulls it down. The racing is still as frantic as ever but it is also more frustrating than ever. This is down to the over abundance of weaponry on display that can see someone going from first to last in the blink of an eye. I am used to racing games where the best player wins not one where the worst player comes first and the best comes mid pack after being shelled on the last corner.

Essentially then, Mario Kart is a good game for people who are rubbish at racing games and want to make themselves look good. Arcade racers are known for ‘rubber banding’ but this is a bit ridiculous. There will never be more than 5 seconds between you in the lead and the last placed AI no matter how well you are driving the track. It means a well placed weapon will lead to a frustrating end of race loss and it is frustrating… all the time. The big problem is that the number of racers has increased, this is fine usually but here it just means more people firing weapons at you over and over again.

Also the peripheral which comes with the game is tacky, its just a piece of plastic and no matter how hard I tried I just couldn’t get the same steering accuracy as I could with the remote outside of the casing. I guess its more flickable. Anyway I cannot recommend this game as its inconsistent.

At the end of the day Mario Kart wii is an arcade racer for an arcade console. If you were a non gamer sitting down with your non gaming family for a fun evening then the game would be amazing, 9/10 material but for me knowing the past offerings of the series I can tell this is a let down. The steering wheel is rubbish the rubber banding means theres no chance of consistency in results and there are too many times you get mullered going over the line. This has nothing on the old games and I do not recommend it to anyone who has played one of the previous games.