Preparing for marriage

First some apologies. First, I apologise for the lack of posts in the last few months. I have all the information on the days stored and I can catch up when more time presents itself. Second I apologise for the problems with the theme presently, if you go to a post only view (where you leave comments) or go to another page than the home page the screen loses its style. I am trying to work out why this happens but in the mean time accept my apologies.

I started the day by playing F1'06 for the PS2 which is still the best F1 game available but Codemasters are developing a new one for next year. I started 18th on the grid after crashing in qualifying and finished 3rd, a good race. I followed this up by calling the Home Office and finding out how we pass their credit check thing to make sure we can support ourselves. They said they take the previous three months pay checks when they do it.

Next I called BT as according to their website it costs £125 to set up a line and I wanted to clarify this. Basically the nice northern guy on the phone explained that because the line was already installed and just need connecting after the previous tennant moved out and cancelled his service this fee would be waived. Therefore it is always worth checking before paying large amounts of money. I then proceeded to spend the next 50 minutes on the phone to the guy as we worked through options and set up mine and Beth's phone and internet services. We are getting out phone line rental for £12 a month and then the internet for £20 a month, not bad I think. The guy on the phone also reckoned we should get a decent internet speed of 6mbps which is a lot better than I have been used to when away from Horsham. I think that is likely to be my longest phone call ever.

The rest of the morning I spent filling out an application form for a caseworker position with Kent Police, sounds interesting but I am still holding out for Nationwide to get back to me, I may well try calling them again at the beginning of next week. In the afternoon I went to work at the Centre as Doug wanted someone to cover the bookshop while he was on lunch. I ended up staying for three hours and it was moderately busy, not to Wesley Owen busyness but not bad. When I got home I had Beth complaining about being ill but I put it behind me and enjoyed pizza for dinner. In the evening we played scrabble and then Helen joined us for some Smash Bros on Wii before we went to bed.