New home

This morning we all trotted off to church after seeing Britain achieve more Olympic glory. I'm pretty sure Britain has never been 3rd in the overall standings in my lifetime. Anyway church was strange as it often is during the summer with a story about Bob Hope taking place during it. It was still enjoyable though. This day was, however, dominated by the fact it was our moving in day, sure we have had the flat for the last month but it was used for storage mainly. Today we moved most of my stuff over, the roads were clear which was very nice as the back of the car was very cramped. After some attempts at unpacking small things I decided to get on with building the TV stand as that will house quite a lot of the gumpf littering the room. Its not a bad TV stand actually. In the evening Beth and I treated my parents to a roast dinner in the wetherspoons across the street from us, sure they only had beef left but it was still a good meal. When we got home and my parents had left Beth played some Boom Blox while I unpacked some more things. I then joined her and we tied over the ten rounds. We headed off to bed rather early and found that a street light pretty much outside the window was able to get through the curtains (not too badly) and that the traffic noise was rather loud, ah well, it's the first night. We'll be used to it soon.