Today I got the train to Ramsgate to do a little out of town job searching which was a little tiresome as a) Ramsgate is very very boring and b) there were no job vacancies. Well apart from one at Abbey where I duly applied. I figure they need me as their customer service and waiting times justify their being ranked worst bank in the country. On the plus side while queuing to see someone to hand over my CV I had a nice chat with an old man about Lewis Hamilton and about how he (the man not Lewis) resurfaced Brands Hatch twenty years ago. For my next trick I decided to be crazy and walk 2.3 miles (checked on google maps) to an out of town shopping centre. Did I mention that Tuesday had torrential rain and I was just wearing my jacket. But I figured they might have job vacancies. In the process though I did get soaked. When I finally saw the shopping centre it seemed almost heavenly due to the opportunity to dry off that it gave me. The fact of the matter was though the walk was in vain as there were no vacancies at any of the shops. I consoled myself with some mcdonalds chips and a milkshake though and it made the 2.3 miles back to Ramsgate station a bit more tolerable even in the rain. On returning to Canterbury I bought a kitchen bin and then went home.
After my adventure the afternoon was spent relaxing and checking job websites. When Beth got home from work I cooked pizza and then we watched the Jane Austen adaptation Persuasion which was ok but a little confusing. I’m not sure its meant for my gender but it wasn’t bad.