Broken bed

I got to spend the morning with my wife which was nice as it is not much fun being alone at the flat. After she went to work I spent the morning cleaning and hoovering. In the afternoon I went to Sainsburys and then played Ferrari Challenge for Wii which I have reviewed and can be found in the left sidebar. Towards the end of the day I had a phone call from an agency saying they would like me to come in and register with regards to sending my CV to a company in Whitstable so that is set for the morning.

In the evening Kerri came over and so did Becca for pasta night. Its multiplying alright, last time there were three now there are four. It was a nice evening and the conversation was good. After they had gone and we had done the washing up we watched Don't Tell the Bride which is back for a second series. It features couples who cannot afford their wedding so the BBC give them £12,000 to pay for it. The catch is everything has to be organised by the groom. In the evening Beth decided to jump on the bed. She broke it and so I had to spend half an hour reputting screws into the frame… fun. Its stable for now so fingers crossed it holds.