The cost of the NFL online

Right, last year I mentioned that Yahoo had set up a service whereby people overseas (outside USA) could watch the NFL online. I subscribed after halfway through the season as they reduced the price to $100 for 10 weeks of action which worked out at:
Team per game – $8.00
Week per game – $1.67
Season per game – $0.67
As opposed to the original:
Team per game – $12.50
Week per game – $1.67
Season per game – $1.12

Well this season it is back and it has been joined by its big brother… the NFL itself. Whereas last year the whole season of footage on yahoo would cost you $280 this year it will set you back only $210 which makes me think it wasn’t just me that complained to them about the price. Meanwhile the team price where you see one game a week is down from $200 to $160 and the weekly is down from $25 to $20. What this equates to is:
Team per game – $9.40 (more than half season)
Week per game – $1.33 (less that all last season)
Season per game – $0.84 (slightly more than half season)

Not only does this make the season value more of a bargain but there is now a high definition option. The yahoo one was annoying because if the feed refreshed you lost your place in the game and had to start all the way over. You also couldn’t skip to a different point in the game either. Now with the NFL’s HD gamepass you can and you can also see games from any week in the NFL as well.
The price for this service is understandably higher with the season being $240 which is less than the main game pass was at the beginning of last season $180 for the team subscription and $25 for the week.
Team per game – $10.50
Week per game – $1.67
Season per game – $0.96

Therefore while still expensive as a one off the season pass is a bargain for those who want to watch a lot of football. Therefore if anyone is feeling rich and benevolent please buy me the season pass as unlike last year I can’t really splash out for it.