Dunstans begins

I had a job interview this morning with the man who called me yesterday who runs a company called Ethical Performance. The company runs a website of the same name and has several publications. I met with him in Caffe Nero on Canterbury's High Street and he seemed like a nice man. He asked me about my background and why I wanted work in IT and I answered his questions to the best of my ability. He told me about his plans for expansion and they sounded interesting and also within my abilities in terms of web design. Overall I am not being optimistic because of my general lack of experience but I would love to be given the chance as it would definitely set the ball rolling for me in terms of career advancement.

When I got back to the flat I watched Grand Prix qualifying which was both satisfying and disappointing at the same time. Disappointing because in the wet Hamilton left his run too late and could only manage a poor 15th place on the grid. This was made better by Raikonnen being only one place further up the road though. The true brilliance of the session though came when Sebastien Vettel who was born exactly a month earlier than me got his first pole position in Formula One, he has been absolutely incredible these last few races. After Qualifying I went to Sainsburys with Beth and we got some supplies to tide us over until I do the main shop on Monday. I then spent the rest of the afternoon playing Mass Effect on PC. In the evening we went and got Fish and Chips which pissed me off because they didn't listen. They gave us two portions of large chips with our meal and so it came to £10.50… for two meals of fish and chips, what a rip off. In the evening I watched Match of the Day which annoyingly was delayed till 11:10 and then Fulham were on last so it was past midnight when I got to see my boys get their second win in a row. I went to bed happier than I was at dinner time.