Job Agencies

This morning I finally had an agency take all my details and talk to me properly about the work I am after. I therefore reccomend to anyone looking for a job they sign up to Morgan Jones… I am now hoping they are not a canterbury only firm. The lady in Morgan Jones happily chatted away with me and was very down to earth while she took my details. I am very pleased that it is not just me looking to get me work now. Besides I have to do something to stop my father telling me to go on the dole like some sacked northerner.

After my experience in the agency I headed into the park that Beth and I found on Sunday and read some more of Michael Schumacher's biography by James Allen. Its not a bad read but there are far too many quotes with far too few real points made. It is much better than James Allen's commentary on race day though. In the afternoon I spent some time job hunting myself and also working on my websites, adding content. I also found some time to play computer games (surprise surprise) before sending Madden and Ferrari Challenge back to Lovefilm who I am now so impressed with I am advertising them on my websites and encouraging you to give them a look. Since they took over my old package by Screenselect they have slowly got better (after a poor start) and are now very impressive, I will keep with them for my dvd and game rental needs for much of the future… unless I truly do need to go on the dole.

In the evening Beth went out to an event at Christchurch University and I stayed in to watch the Marseille vs Liverpool game on ITV (yey TV licence). It was a surprisingly good game and was very open. The game didn't get bogged down in midfield very often with both sides on the attack. That said all three of the games goals (it ended 2-1 to Liverpool) came in the space of ten minutes (23rd to 32nd minutes) of the game. In the second half Marseilles were always on the attack and it was very enjoyable to watch. When Beth came home we went to bed.