Dunstans begins

I finally got a phone call I desperately wanted today. It came around eleven in the morning and was requesting a meet up with an overly sexy lady… just kidding. It was a request for an interview the following day for a company who are after a web developer. They agreed to meet me in Canterbury as I do not have a car (they are based somewhere called Stodmarsh (or is it Snodmarsh) which is six miles outside of Canterbury. The man on the phone seemed nice enough and I was left very eager to get the job. I spent the afternoon researching his current website which can be found here it seems like a very good company for these times of ecomentalism. I also enlisted Craig's help to pick the site apart and discover how it was made and what could be improved (I did most of the latter). In the evening I made Beth Mexican chicken and then I spent the rest of the evening gaming while she knitted.