Jobless woes

I started the day with the church coffee morning which I will continue to go to until I finally get a job. I then headed to Westgate games which my father wanted me to scout out for him, oddly for the name of the shop its not that close to the west gate which is what fooled me in the past. On getting home I found that I have not got the job at staples which I had an interview for over two weeks ago now. I applied for three more jobs today though and am still waiting to hear from the company I interviewed with on Saturday. I spent the afternoon working on this website and Talote which I am building a proper admin section for. In the evening I made a curry and then Beth and I sat down and watched lots of My Name is Earl so we are caught up for the 3rd season DVD which is out at the end of the month. We then played some Boom Blox together and Beth showed me some of the levels she made before I headed to bed early. Not having a job is starting to get me down though…

  • Fran

    you did it! you succumbed to “Canterbury tales”! very good pics from Brands hatch. Amazing that mere mortals are allowed so close to the stars.