Boom Blox Review

My first article on this section of my website was about Boom Blox and I finally got a copy of it a month ago. The fact that my wife and I have both completed the main modes of the game should not be taken as a down point as this game truly is brilliant.

I’ll be honest though, the game gets it all wrong at the beginning by aiming at an obviously childish audience. The average twelve year old will be stumped by a lot of this game. The box art doesn’t help either casually teasing with its cartoon characters. Once you go in game though you are in heaven whether playing alone or with others. The basic mode in Boom Blox is opposite jenga. You have a tower of blocks and you have to knock it down with a baseball. You therefore take turns throwing baseballs at the structure knocking blocks off it for points and the round ends when all the blocks are gone. It is made more difficult by a perfect physics engine that judges how hard you throw the ball against the weight of the block along with what is above that block to work out if it will go or stay. The higher the points score the harder to knock it off generally.

What makes this game even better is the shear variety of modes in it. For example there is a mode essentially like jenga where you control a hand and have to remove one block at a time without dislodging a big penalty block on the top. Theres another mood where blocks fly by and you have to shoot them with a gun (like duck shoot). The game has well over a hundred challenges and then if that is not enough there is a level creator to make many more of them.

All of the people I have had around to try this game have enjoyed it especially if they are people who tend not to be interested in gaming (my mother) therefore this is a perfect game for parties.

So to finalise Boom Blox may well be my favourite wii game, it is definitely my favourite game so far this year. It is superb for the simple fact that anyone can play it. Nobody who has tried it so far has told me it was bad. The game is so deep and takes a long time to complete and has a good degree of variety. People may criticize poor third party puzzle games on the wii but this certainly is not one. This review comes with a warning though, this game will make you want to build a tower of cardboard boxes and jump through them. Unfortunately the wife wouldn’t let me…