Went to work today and had a nice day of it. When I got home I played F1 and then in the evening drove to Kent Uni to pick up my wife. This is where things go annoying, my phone hasn't been working perfectly. Well tonight it decided it couldn't access the phone or any of my contact information… which is fun. So therefore with Kent being a big campus I did not really know where Beth was. I found the college she said she was in relatively quickly and then wandered around the whole building trying to find an entrance to the bar. Failing that I went in the main entrance and wandered about looking for the bar. Eventually I found Beth and we headed to the bar in another college which serves Mexican food. We got an enchilada, nachos and potato wedges. Beth's meal was the potato wedges, she wanted something small but instead we got a huge plate of nachos to share and a huge bowl of potato wedges. The food tasted very good and was student price. We will have to go back as it was very nice.