F1 disappoints again

I am obviously weird for liking Formula One so much but the news today that the Canadian Grand Prix has been dropped from the 2009 calendar should annoy even those with a passing interest. The Canadian Grand Prix has always been perfect, it is a track that has everything you need, it challenges the drivers and the tracks and it can always throw up an interesting and entertaining race. Lewis Hamilton got his first win there and this year he made himself look like a prat having dominated the weekend to that point.

Put simply the Canadian grand prix is my second favourite track in the world behind only Brands Hatch. So therefore for it to be removed from the calendar is horrid for me as Brands doesn’t have a race. This decision brings into question the choosing of Grand Prix and where they are held. Certainly expand into new markets but don’t flood them, why do we need a race in Bahrain and Abu Dhabi. Why do we need races in China, Japan and Singapore. Why do we need two races in Spain especially when the newest, Valencia is piss poor. The Canadian Grand Prix is probably the only track in the calendar where overtaking is guarenteed. To see it gone really is a sad day for F1. Sod off Bernie.