2008’s Top Sporting Moments

I admit it being slightly later than advertised but here is my list of the top sporting moments I witnessed in 2008.

5. Lewis Hamilton winning the 2008 F1 Drivers Championship on the last corner of the last race by overtaking Timo Glock.

4. Monaco – I could have picked Lewis’ win at Silverstone in its place where he won his home race by a minute but Monaco gets number 4 for his comeback after putting it in the wall early in the race. He kept it calm and composed and managed to get ahead of Massa and Kubica with his strategy. This was also the race where Kubica shone before his breakthrough win two weeks later in Canada.

3. rowing – Britain takes pride in its coxless four rowing team so a nation expected when it came to their final in the Olympics. With 100 metres to go they were languishing in third but their final push for the win was inspired and brilliant.

2. Olympic medal haul – First Michael Phelps got eight gold medals in one Olympic games and then the British team got their best medals haul coming in 4th with 47 medals making up for their poor showings of late.

1. Superbowl – An undeaten team vs a team whose Quarterback was still stuck in his brothers shadow. It seemed a dead cert that the New England Patriots would defeat the New York Giants to be the second team in history to have an undefeated year. It was therefore with great jubilation that I watched them fail at the last hurdle to the Giants who won the game with 14 points in the last quarter to win 17-14.

Do you agree with my list or have some problems with it? Let me know.
The films list will be up next Thursday evening (18th)