Top 10 Games of the year

Right this years list may be a little bit harder than usual thanks to Lovefilm who have supplied me with a steady stream of Wii and Ds games. Sure many of them turned out to be poor (improve your French) but some (disaster: day of crisis and de blob were gaming gold). As with last year the list only contains games that were released this year. Which is good as otherwise Half Life 2 which is getting old now would be top of the list.

10. Madden 09 – Wii
9. Advance Wars: Days of Ruin – DS
8. Tetris Party – Wiiware
7. De Blob – Wii
6. Disaster Day of Crisis – Wii
5. Soul Bubbles – DS
4. World of Goo – Wiiware
3. Boom Blox -Wii
2. Fallout 3 – PC
1. Mass Effect – PC

Honourable mentions go out to this years Geometry Wars: Galaxies for DS and in some ways Ferrari Challenge. I also had Smash Bros Brawl which is a very good game but unfortunately for it I have played too many games this year and it did nothing new. There were some games that I wanted to play but never had the time to these games include Far Cry 2 and Grand Theft Auto 4.

The worst games I have played this year by far are:
1. Improve your French – Wii
2. Iron Man – Wii
3. Mario Kart Wii – Wii
4. Ninja Reflex – Wii

As a side note, this year I felt the DS was woefully short of quality games especially from Nintendo itself. Soul Bubbles was by far the most impressive DS game of the year, it had brilliant physics and a calming nature, whats not to like. See you next year for more lists.