Top 5 things I did in 2008

Right number one is a bit of a no brainer so I may as well start there and get slowly worse. Overall 2008 was a very good year for me if you discount the shoddy documentary I did for my 3rd year coursework. I had a good time, met some lovely people and am in a city I love.

1. Getting Married
2. Having Christmas in Denver with my new family, old family and best friend, what more do you need over Christmas.
3. Going on honeymoon
4. Getting a job I really enjoy
5. Seeing New Orleans (2nd favourite team) beat San Diego (least favourite team) at Wembley… if Denver were less rubbish at the end of the season then they would be here instead.

I can’t say 2009 has much chance of beating 2008 what with the credit crunch hitting hard and fewer amazing events. Graduating would be on this list if it wasn’t so frightfully dull… or if I didn’t leave Roehampton ruing most of the time I spent there. Thank you to the Blombergs for putting us up this Christmas and for giving me their daughter.