F1 drivers in Superlicence dispute

Right so F1 drivers have to renew their racing licence on a yearly basis:

Formula One drivers are refusing to sign their mandatory FIA superlicences amid a fresh dispute with the sport’s governing body about their price, autosport.com can reveal.

Last season drivers were unhappy about a price hike from 1,725 Euros plus 456 Euros per point for the licences, to 10,000 Euros plus 2,000 Euros per point for the 2008 season.

They accepted the payments then, however, despite calling on the FIA and Formula One supremo Bernie Ecclestone to justify the increase in costs.

Former world champion Fernando Alonso said at the time: “It is a very serious matter…we all agree that it is not fair that from one year to the next it (the cost) increases 500-600 percent.”

There was talk mid-season of the matter resulting in a drivers’ strike at the British Grand Prix, but these reports proved unfounded.

However, high level sources have revealed to autosport.com that drivers have now taken the matter into their own hands because of a further minor increase in the licence costs due to be introduced for the 2009 season.

The price of a licence has increased by 400 Euros (to 10,400 Euros), while drivers must pay an extra 100 Euros ( to 2100 Euros) per point scored. There is also a 2,720 Euros compulsory insurance charge.

Although the 2009 increases are purely the result of inflation, it is understood that the Grand Prix Drivers’ Association (GPDA) is deeply unhappy about the price increase. Under the current fees, world champion Lewis Hamilton will have to pay 218,920 Euros for his licence fees this year.

Granted I understand the drivers all earn a lot of money but having to pay 219,000 Euro for a drivers licence ever year? That is absolutely mad. I think Bernie has enough money that can be redistributed so that the drivers do not have to front this kind of money.

For more go to: http://www.autosport.com/news/report.php/id/72964