Video gaming victimised

Right so the UK news at the moment has the story of a 13 year old boy having a child.
I am sure the Sun are very happy with themselves for finding a story that both sums up their newspaper and the state of Britain:
Now the big problem with this is why does someone who has no idea about the real world feel that we should immediately blame the 13 year old kid for it because he plays violent video games? Oh look its a scape goat, first off if your child is stupid enough to get someone pregnant at the age of 13 then you are to blame… yes you parents. Second the girl is older and therefore should be more to blame than the kid especially as she likely introduced him to the idea. reading the Suns followup article paints Chantelle in a very nice light:

[…] Chantelle’s dad Steve begged social workers for help after two boys aged 16 and 14, who also live on the Old Town estate in Eastbourne, claimed they fathered Maisie.

Is she aiming for one of every age or something?

Please can someone inform me of how this kid playing video games has anything at all to do with this? It is the parents fault if he plays violent games the ratings are large enough on the box. It is the parents choice whether he plays saints row 2 or boom blox. Blaming video games is like blaming adidas because of the clothes he wears.

Also can someone find me a country which tends to only deem real news as being newsworthy… for example I don’t really care for Jade Goody’s wedding.