Cutler to leave Broncos

Jay Cutler effectively handed in his resignation from the Denver Broncos last night when he officially asked to be traded away from the organisation. This situation has been building to a head in the last few weeks after McDaniels tried to trade him to Detroit or Tampa for Matt Cassel.

While I am sure that Jay is a better quarterback than Cassel the more I read about it the more I wonder who was at fault. At first it seemed McDaniels was at fault for making a slightly rash decision about who he wanted behind Center but now Jay has made a bit of a fool of himself.

Although the possible trade for Cassel may have sparked this situation properly Cutler has been against the hiring of McDaniels since the beginning, he did not back the firing of Mike Shanahan in December either a move that seems like it was increasingly neccesary as he focussed too heavily on offensive personal leading to one of the weakest defences in the league. Since the trade talk though Cutler has gotten worse and seems to be showing his overblown ego and immaturity something that has been evident in some of his onfield plays the last two seasons. Certainly some distance should be travelled to ensure your pro bowl quaterback is happy which has not happened but at the same time he needs to realise he is working for a company and companies do whatever they feel is necessary to succeed. Is Cutler throwing a hissy fit good for the company? No.

In a comparison to another sport this is now not dissimilar to Alonso’s feud with Mclaren two seasons ago when he felt Mclaren were completely favouring their other driver he decided it would be fun to blackmail the team to get preferential treatment. He was gone at the end of the season. So therefore should the Broncos keep Cutler?

He is if honest a bit hot headed under center, he does not deal overly well in pressure situations, he misses as he did when I saw him in Denver against the Bills miss wide open receivers. He has not yet developed into a dependable commodity for the Broncos but given another couple of years he will. It seems he will not get this chance in Denver anymore and for him that is a good thing. This whole thing will help him mature as a quarterback and we should see a lot more of him in Detroit or wherever he ends up next year. Denver, however, will now need to be on the look out for another quarterback, this late in free agency this means trading for one or trading for a higher position in the draft (probably using Cutler to do so) this will likely mean that the team will not do well next year as they prepare a new QB and a new coach with an new defence but in the long term it should work out. Either that or we will go thirty years without winning a game. That, however, will work out better than having a quarterback who is conflicting with the direction the team wants to go in. Therefore Cutler should go and I just hope that we get a good draft pick or two for him.