F1 Futures… again

The FIA last week announced a voluntary budget cap on the F1 teams. In exchange for keeping to a spending limit of £40 million a team gets an engine sans rev limit and some other tweaks that could see them being faster than their non budget capped cousins.

There has since been an outcry from some of the teams saying that they will reevaluate their participation in the series if this rule stays. Today Red Bull, Toyota and Ferrari said that if the rules came in they would leave the series. You also have to feel that Mclaren, BMW and Renault would not be the biggest fans of the new rules if those teams threaten to leave the FIA will take notice.

To me though what this ever worsening saga shows is that the FIA need to relinquish some of its power to the teams. It should not be allowed to set rules that the teams disagree with. It is stupid that they can change rules like this and the points system with no one who participates in the sport approving.

The only teams who have not threatened to leave so far are Brawn, Williams and Force India who are the teams whose livelihoods depend upon Formula One racing.

It is all going to come down to how much control the FIA are willing to give the teams. If they don’t budge then the whole sport could self destruct but you have to question how much they have actually helped the sport in the last three years.

Personally I would love to see a Formula One championship where the teams have full control of their own marketing, which tracks they race on and the rules. Then we would see a Formula One which would be worth watching.