I feel nerdy

Am I a muppet… undoubtedly. So I may as well show it by printing analysis of mine and Beth’s go-karting race in March. Interesting? Un-bloody-likely

The track:
Apparently “WildTracks has one of the best tarmac circuits in the UK. Tight turns and fast straights make for great racing.

Fast and furious, and sitting only inches above the track, karting offers exhilarating entertainment and brings out the competitive spirit in everyone. Our 700m tarmac circuit is 10m wide – giving plenty of room for overtaking.”

The track is anticlockwise btw, from first hairpin to the top corner is flatout and then the run back has a bit more braking with some big puddles for good measure.

Race day was very wet making for a slippery track. I qualified in 3rd with the wife right beside me in 4th impressive eh. Beth was lucky enough to crash in qualifying though when someone decided to hit her off at the first corner… how thoughtful, oh well it let me dive through.

In the race I held third until lap three when the guy in 2nd place spun it off promoting me up a place. Meanwhile Beth started badly and never really recovered, an early spin put her down in 7th and last for the first 5 laps before she got herself up into 6th where she stayed for the whole race lapping the last place driver at least once. Meanwhile I inherited the lead on lap 7 as the leader spun off. I think at this stage I was the only person not to have a spin but I was constantly the third fastest on the track. The pole man caught me up again within a lap and pressured me for the next four laps before I touched the paint of the apex of the first corner and spun it, luckily he hit me which meant I kept me lead (well I was blocking the racing line) at this stage the rain was torrential and I had long since abandoned using my visor… something my wife doesn’t approve of. I was just finding the spray from cars in front too bad so I couldn’t see, wiping it didn’t help either. Of course the disadvantage was then I got in the spray I had to close my eyes because it fired straight into my helmet.

On lap 11, I left a small gap on the inside out of the top hairpin and the polesitter nailed me down the backstraight as we headed for the twisty bit before the start finish straight. He then continued to romp off into the distance as the race progressed. I was initially then chased by 3rd place and he passed me at one point but then spun off at the end of the lap meaning I held 2nd. I stayed in that position until the end of the race with only one more spin once again at the first corner as I this time went too wide and hit a big puddle and just aquaplaned off. The track began to dry off slightly at the end and the lap times fell by about two seconds.

My fastest lap: 47.93 (lap 26/30)
Beth’s fastest lap: 50.13 (lap 23/30)

My average lap: 50.71
Beth’s average lap: 55.82

My slowest racing lap: 56.63
Beth’s slowest racing lap: 68.38
These were both on the same lap showing that this was when it was wettest…

My spins: 2
Beth’s spins: 4

My time off the leader: 3.76
Beth’s time off the leader: +3 laps

My finishing position: 2nd
Beth’s finishing position: 6th

And to end a nice lap time graph:

I will just say this… I am pretty darn consistent. And also a nerd, a very big nerd who just wasted 20 minutes doing this. Should my wife really leave me alone for two weeks in future?

Oh well, I will do more joyous karting analysis from Crawley on my birthday. On that note, first person to make this image look like a race track wins a prize of sorts:


Pictures lovingly pinched from uk-go-karting.com and team-sport.co.uk