Is there a need for twitter

Twitter is a service that has seemingly divided people more than most others. It appears to mainly be used by people who stalk celebrities. Yet I have noticed that all of our companies competitors are now using the service to promote their services and enhance their brand. The question though has to be asked, is there a point to this.

For me twitter is a simple way to update my status across multiple platforms. When I post on twitter, it appears on this blog and on facebook. I am sure I could link it to my google account as well if I wanted. It is the perfect way to get across fun and interesting links that I find as well as links to my blog posts and other websites. Lastly it is a way to get my point across with little effort from any internet enabled device (usually my phone).

For a company it is a free marketing tool. They have to do nothing and they can get their products and services out there in 30 seconds. News organisations such as our competitors can post the latest news on twitter which leads to clickthroughs to their website.

The problem is I just don’t check what people write on twitter and pcpro came out with information that said that the majority of twitter users post only once. It is an ideal way to stalk celebrities, to find out the more pointless parts of their lives and to be ignored by them when you reply to them. Come on who thinks Stephen Fry would reply to his 500,000 followers when they send him things. The man just doesn’t have the time.

For me twitter has a use, for businesses it can be a valuable and cheap advertising tool and for others its a great way to stalk celebrities without the threat of prison. I do not see how many can be made from twitter as I think it would lose a lot of its users if it started to charge. The freeness of it is what keeps the businesses coming back as well. The same is true with advertising. It could happen but it seems somewhat at odds with the sites simple nature.

I have a use for twitter, but how much longer will it be able to survive? I don’t know and I could find a way to survive if it didn’t so I don’t really care. Which I suppose means that no there is no real need for twitter. It is just a tool for free marketing, it is what I use it for, what companies use it for and what celebrities use it for. Everyone who uses it for their deepest personal revelations is just a bit daft.