The nerdiness continues

The Karting analysis continues as we move to the Crawley teamsport track. It is likely to be a shorter text analysis this time as it was not a race. That said there were moments of (moderate) interest.

We had ourselves two 15 minute sessions on the track, obviously you would expect to improve in the second session as you get more used to the track. Somehow though 3 of the 7 of us were slower. Paddy by a rather large 0.96 secs.

In other news I was the only one to not spin once, but that track certainly was slippery which I think improved it quite a lot and could also have given Beth and I an advantage after our soaking wet race earlier in the year. That also being said, I think weight plays a part on a track like Crawley where there are multiple levels. For example the lap record is 24 seconds… we were nowhere near that and I honestly do not think that someone of Paddy’s or my own weight could be as man were we slow up hill.

In terms of incidents there were a few crashes and I don’t think anyone escaped unscathed. For a start Beth caused a red flag (session stopped) incident when she crashed in a tyre wall and knocked some tyres out. Then I spotted an opening on the inside of my sister into a tight flat out corner and went for it but we didn’t give each other enough room, we touched, and Helen went hard into the barrier… oops. Then later I was pressuring Paddy and trying to pass him when he spun in front of me giving me nowhere to go except into the side of him. That one caused some soreness for us both that night… Other incidents did occur, I believe my parents tangled at one point and I was involved in a great three way battle with Helen and Flick before Beth caused the red flag.


The track itself was very fun. The first corner is a hairpin which takes you up a rather steep hill, a quick chicane at the top leads to the down ramp. A tighter hairpin follows where there is very little grip and it is easy to lose the rear of the kart going into the corner. From here it is flat out through a left hander before braking for a tight chicane which leads back onto the start-finish straight.

practice 1: (fastest lap – off first -average lap)
1. Helen – 30.81 – 0 – 35.15
2. Jonathan – 31.12 – 0.31 – 35.37
3. Patrick – 31.26 – 0.45 – 38.70
4. Beth – 32.53 – 1.72 – 39.35
5. Flick – 33.63 – 2.82 – 39.16
6. Trefor – 33.8 – 2.99 – 39.31
7. Beverley – 36.08 – 5.27 – 42.32

Average lap time – 38.48

So my sister leads after round one while Paddy was looking pretty good in third. Beth also did well to get 4th. Not so good from my mother though, gave her some tips and then it was into race 2 where most of the action and crashing occurred likely because we were pushing harder.

practice 2: (fastest lap – off first -average lap)
1. Jonathan – 29.3 – 0 – 34.39
2. Flick – 29.8 – 0.5 – 34.24
3. Helen – 30.86 -1.56 – 35.68
4. Trefor – 31.18 – 1.88 – 34.89
5. Beverley – 31.49 – 2.19 – 34.92
6. Patrick – 32.22 – 2.92 – 35.76
7. Beth – 32.72 – 3.42 – 36.01

Average lap time: 35.13

Well Flick and I pushed forward in the second session. Flick managed almost a 4 second improvement in this session as well. But the real laptime winner of session 2 was my mother who improved by 4.6 seconds…

Overall in terms of best laptime:
1. Jonathan – 29.3
2. Flick – 29.8
3. Helen – 30.81 – session1
4. Trefor – 31.18
5. Patrick – 31.26 – session1
6. Beverley – 31.49
7. Beth – 32.53 – session1

A field spread of 3 seconds… quite a lot in a lap that lasts 30 seconds. Impressively close between 3rd and 6th though

Overall in terms of average laptime:
1. Jonathan – 34.88
2. Helen – 35.41
3. Flick – 36.71
4. Trefor – 37.1
5. Patrick – 37.2
6. Beth – 37.68
7. Beverley – 38.62

My mother of course hindered by the first session here, she had the 4th best average time in session 2.

Sorry no graphs this time as they look messy with so many laps inputted. I would obviously declare myself the winner but think we all did pretty good. I would love to know how much weight really does affect your times and would like to see what my father can do if we go again (sorry father have always thought of you as the slower parent).

We are going to Crawley’s track again 26 October 2009, if you are interested in coming then let me know.