Thanksgiving 2009 was by rather a long way our biggest yet. In total we had 30 chairs in our flat and when everyone had arrived they were all full with people on the floor as well. This was impressive but also led to a slight food shortage. Previous experience has taught me that thanksgiving means at least getting seconds but this time that was not possible. When it came to desserts I didn’t even get firsts until only leftovers were available. The fact that there was nowhere near as much washing up owing to more paper plates was also a massive bonus.


The party made me glad that we saw the potential in our flat when we picked it. When we visited it back in June 2008 it was a dump but it was also a big dump. By the time we moved in it was relatively tidy, sure to begin with we had black feet when we walked around (carpet was soon cleaned for us) and the bed fell apart but the only real problem now is the grotty carpet. This is also in the process of being changed, we are just waiting on our neighbours finally getting their flat measured… joy. If though we had picked any other flat that we saw (about 6 of them) then we would have been rather screwed, we would not for example have been able to push all the furniture into a corner of the bedroom and filled the rest of that room with chairs as an overflow area which in itself became full when people wanted to sit to eat.

Thanksgiving for me though is about three things, first is the food, the second is the company getting everyone we know and like into our flat for the evening and filling them with nice food and conversation is rewarding and fun. Friends then staying over to chat and play video games long into the night is also a very nice bonus. The third though is right up there for importance and that is watching the football with Paddy and my Father. The fact that Paddy and my team one while my fathers team lost was a bonus.

Gah come on Orton

Bring on next year when we have to find a way to make it an even bigger party with the same venue and activities.

Well done to my wife for preparing a lovely dinner for us all and bringing all of my friends together in the same place. Thank you darling.