Top 5 games of 2009

2009 has not been the best of years for video games in my opinion. Modern Warfare 2 seems largely to blame for this in that it gave developers an excuse to postpone and tighten their news games. Therefore the first three months of 2010 are going to be pretty manic. That being said though, there have been plenty of very good games this year and now that I have an Xbox 360 I have experienced my first taste of HD gaming… and it is good.

Top 5 games of 2009:
5. Metroid Prime Trilogy – Wii
4. Batmand Arkham Asylum – Xbox 360
3. Fifa 10 – Xbox 360
2. Professor Layton and Pandoras Box – DS

Game of the Year:
Colin Mcrae: Dirt 2 – Xbox 360

As usual there were also games which should have been better. Scribblenauts is the best example of this. After strong E3 hype the final product did little but let me down with terrible controls really putting me off from what is still a really strong idea. The other big let down this year was F1 2009 for wii, certainly my expectations were not high for this product. But it did nothing to even remotely impress me with its controls or damage model. Sure it looked good and faithfully had all the tracks but it was not good enough…

Heres to 2010’s games.