Top 5 things I did in 2009

5. Kept my job – While lots of other people were made redundant by the credit crunch I have thus far kept my job… I also started earning a little on the side with my web design and hosting becoming partially self employed

4. Built a computer – Before December I had never built a computer, now I have and the sense of accomplishment is strong (nerd)

3. Center Parcs – Having not been since I was a lot younger I was worried it would be a little rubbish. It was not and I had a great time.

2. Going to the British Grand Prix – Certainly it was not the best race I have ever seen but it was still a brilliant atmosphere and I look forward to going again.

1. Discovering Karting – I ended up going Karting four times this year, the previous total for the rest of my life was once. Gosh if my parents had noticed sooner I could have been Lewis Hamilton.

While its a little daft to place Karting at number one I will admit that it has not been the most exciting of years… None of these things compare to getting married, we didn’t go to America or on any other big holidays and mainly just stayed around Canterbury. Heres to a more exciting 2010