Film of the decade

The votes are in. Four of the nine shortlisted films failed to garner a single vote, these were:

  • Juno
  • Atonement
  • Wall-E
  • In Brugges

The Dark Knight and The Bourne Trilogy were next receiving just 9.5% of the vote each. This leaves the top 3 films of the ‘noughties’ as voted for by you.

We have a tie for second place:

Pirates of the Caribbean and Avatar each received 24% of the votes to get an equal second place in the standings. Pirates received a lot of late votes. The Pirates film in question was Curse of the Black Pearl which would almost certainly not have been as popular or received as many votes had it not contained Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow. With the often flat Orlando Bloom and the pouty Keira Knightley Johnny stole the show and made this franchise what it was. Meanwhile Avatar coming out at the end of the decade showed the true power of modern 3d techniques by using the technology constantly but subtly to create a masterpiece. Certainly the story could not have been better but there wasn’t a moment during the two and a half hour running time where the viewer got bored. Also at no time in the running did something obviously designed to get an audience response take place ie nothing came flying at the screen to show off. Both of these films are very enjoyable and deserve their places here.

And the winner is…

The Lord of the Rings was one heck of an ambitious project for Peter Jackson to take on as his first big budget movie. When he largely filled the cast with a bunch of small time actors there were doubts about how good the trilogy would be. These doubts turned out to be daft when the films came out though and the story and dynamic shone through the screen. The three films grossed almost $3 billion worldwide at box office which needless to say is more than any other trilogy. These are films which will not easily become dated and will be enjoyed for years to come. They are the and films of the decade voted for by you lot and they truly deserve their title.

It wouldn’t be my analysis without a chart…

the proportions of votes received for each film are displayed in the chart.

Thank you folks. This blog will hopefully be seeing more action this year and I hope that you visit again soon.