Why I support the Denver Broncos… and more

I thought a blog post would be a good place to explain why I like the sports people and teams that I do. The reasons are often illogical or slightly daft.

Denver Broncos
The strangest pick has to be why I support the Denver Broncos as my main NFL team. During the time that I have supported the team they have done approximately nothing of great worth nor have they had a great quarterback. Meanwhile the other NFL teams I like all have relatively sensible reasons (New Orleans: Rally after Hurricane Katrina that transformed them from one of the worst to one of the best teams, Seattle: Lofa Tatupu, Indianapolis: Peyton Manning, Baltimore: That defense). But no my support of Denver hinges on this:

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I apologise for the ‘thats a huge bitch’ line at the beginning

So there you have it, that first clip from the Simpsons inspired me to become a Broncos fan about 10 years ago. For the first five years that just meant occaisionally watching an NFL game with my father but for the last three or four seasons I have watched almost every game even if it involved waking up at 1am.

Fulham FC
I support Fulham for the reason that they had Edwin Van Der Sar as goalkeeper. These were in the days when I decided football wasn’t worth the time (thank you Wimbledon FC’s chairman), I picked a new club anyway and paid little attention to them. When I went to university, however, the proximity to the stadium piqued my interest and my support became more active. I now once again thoroughly enjoy watching football… until Fulham decide to upsticks from the cottage and then who knows maybe I’ll start supporting Arsenal or something.

England Football Team
Back when I didn’t really like football I decided that I supported the Dutch national team (Van Der Sar again?) Eventually after getting bored of people calling me an idiot and that I should be patriotic I gave in and ‘supported’ England… well when they do well anyway (overpaid pansies).

New Zealand Rugby Team
I like to think they are all maoris and will rip peoples heads off… and that is cool.

Lewis Hamilton
I met him once, and even then he was better than anyone else and dominating. I am glad that he is still able to get more out of a car than almost anyone in the world and if F1 were a single make formula he would be world champion every year.

Williams F1
They’re a team trying to get back to better times, eventually they’ll manage it but in the meantime they have one of the best liveries and an exciting driver lineup.